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In Depths. 2023-ongoing. Soundscape + Research.

In Depths (Soundscape Preview)George Hiraoka Cloke
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Encompassing a diverse mosaic of terrains and life-forms, the deep-sea biosphere is the largest ecosystem on earth. Yet the increasing interest in Deep Sea Mining (DSM) operations gravely threatens these complex yet precarious habitats.

Stretching hydrophone recordings of diverse marine life with the whirring noises of radars and excavation equipment, In Depths is an acoustic exploration of deep sea entanglement, through which subterranean soundscapes echo and resound from the abyssopelagic to the ocean surface.

Drawing upon Stacy Alaimo’s notion of abyssal temporalities and ‘deep listening’ methodologies: In Depths uses time-stretching acoustic algorithms to contemplate subaquatic assemblages and timescales, and consider the cumulative costs of deep sea mining. By listening through the abyss, we can expand upon scales of auditory perception and value temporalities of slowness in resistance to the accelerating rhythms of planetary resource extraction.

First research outcome published in Undercurrents Academic Journal, York University Toronto, 2023.

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