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George Hiraoka Cloke is an audio-visual artist, musician and researcher from Kent, UK. His practice integrates notions of acoustemology, ecological awareness and seeding better futures through attentive listening and acoustic imagination. Central to his practice is the belief that listening is the beginning of connection and compassion: augmenting feelings of kinship with the myriad human and more-than-human perspectives, technologies and ecologies we must attune with to become a more mindful society.


As an ambient/electronic musician, Hiraoka Cloke has been championed by BBC Radio 1, NTS, KEXP, 6 Music, and Spotify. Releasing on the Japanese electronica label Flau, his music explores themes of community, nature and memory through live instrumentation, samples and pastoral field recordings. His debut record was recently declared one of “The Best Spring Albums of All Time” by music imprint A Closer Listen.

Hiraoka Cloke’s audio-visual projects have been exhibited in New York, Tokyo, Phnom Penh, Glasgow, Kuala Lumpur and London. His award-winning non-fiction short ‘Swanscombe Cyclone’ explores the fragility of wetlands in the UK and abroad and was produced in collaboration with environmental campaigners from India, South Korea, Cyprus, and Canada. The moving image project ‘Listen Closely’ celebrates acoustic conservation projects and sonic biodiversity in Taiwan. As a PhD Student and CHASE-Scholar at SOAS, University of London, his academic research investigates ecological approaches to sound design and audio-visual explorations of riverscapes in Southeast Asia.


As a 2023 Resident at the Asia Culture Center, South Korea, he is exploring future ways of knowing and belonging through sound.

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