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Swanscombe Cyclone. 2021. Single-channel Video. Lomokino 35mm, Illustration. Stereo. 11 Minutes.

Swanscombe Cyclone (Soundscape Preview)George Hiraoka Cloke
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Swanscombe Cyclone is a contemplative moving image work portraying Swanscombe Peninsula: a biodiverse wetland and the proposed construction site for Europe’s largest theme park. As cycles of environmental ruin echo across time, activists from around the world lament the bleak future facing vulnerable wetlands.

Created in collaboration with environmental campaigners from India, Canada, South Korea and Cyprus, this experimental documentary/fiction hybrid decentralises human protagonists in favour of ecological perspectives, future warnings and local folk tales.

The visuals blend LomoKino 35mm film, photography and folk drawings, and the soundtrack incorporates locally recorded birdsong, rollercoaster drones and original ambient music.

Premiered at Japan’s Green Image Film Festival in 2022. 

Swanscombe Cyclone
Swanscombe Cyclone
Swanscombe Cyclone
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