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Soma's Garden. 2023. Ambient Soundscape + 3D performative apparatus-environment. 10 Minutes. ACT Festvial "Future Legends".

Soma's Garden is a performance by George Hiraoka Cloke (immersive ambient soundscape) and Inhwa Yeom (3D performative apparatus-environment), taking inspiration from somatics- the study of internal physical perception and experiences with bodyworks- with the virtual garden's flora and fauna functioning as a side for mindful practice. Audience members are invited to perform their somatic meditation along with "Soma", the guide and care-giver of the garden. This meditative performance is heightened by an immersive soundscape, which integrates environmental field recordings with mindful voiceover and gently cascading melodies. 

Soma's Garden encourages a sense of subjectivity which identifies with both the inner body and non-human beings. Ascending from this short meditation, the work aims to leave the audience-performers with a de-individuated sense of self, and renewed feelings of calm, care and connection. 

Produced with the support of ACT Festival. Premiered at ACT Festival ​​"Future Legends" 2023. 

Soma'ss Garden
Soma's Garden Performance.jpg
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