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Hrísey. 2016. Sound Map, Geotags. Stereo.

Hrísey is a digital sound map created during an artist residency in Hrísey, Iceland. Hrísey uses binaural field recording, musical motifs, interviews from the local community, and geo tagging to create an intimate, intercultural and interactive sonic experience.


Refuting the notion of cartographic objectivity and inspired by Mishuana Goeman’s understandings of (re)mapping as a grounded material practice; the project favours the joys of sonic discovery over static documentation. Each geo tag is linked to an “aural postcard”, revealing insights from the island community and windswept soundscapes featuring omni-directional, hydrophones and contact microphones.

The completed project featured on Fluid Audio, Drowned In Sound and BBC. Hrísey was later transformed into an offline multimedia exhibition (engravings, line drawings with stereo audio) for Sound Thought Festival at Contemporary Centre for Arts, Glasgow.

Hrísey Map Picture.jpg
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