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Listen Closely (用心聽). 2022. Single-channel Video, Stereo. 9 Minutes. 

Listen Closely (Soundscape Preview)George Hiraoka Cloke
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Listen Closely is a poetic, ecologically conscious short film celebrating the biodiverse soundscapes and more-than-human voices of Taiwan. From the ethereal chirp of cicadas to the raucous cackle of Blue Magpies, Taiwan’s forests, mountains and seas have been enriched by a melodic soundtrack for centuries. Organic soundscapes highlight our interconnectedness with the world around us and provide a sense of tranquility in an age of noise.

Listen Closely germinated through transdisciplinary research investigations with the Soundscape Association of Taiwan and the Eco-Acoustics and Spatial Ecology [EASE] lab at the Biodiversity Research Center, Academia Sinica. These conservations underlined Taiwan’s leading role in acoustic conservation and the inspirational researchers and conservationists championing and caring for Taiwan’s natural symphony.

Using sounds and signage from the world’s first Quiet Trail (Cueifong Lake) and Quiet Urban Park (Yangmingshan) as starting points, Listen Closely invites audiences to connect with the sonic beauty of Taiwan’s delicate ecosystems and encourages the act of listening to non-humans and each other in order to create a more harmonious future.

Listen Closely has been screened at festivals including Cambodia International Film Festival, Flatpack Film Festival, Environmental Film Festival in the Nation's Capital and Video Art and Experimental Film Event.

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